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Chrysalis - Oceania Collection

At the young age of 19, Chrysalis co-founder Andrea Maine set off to travel and explore the world. Throughout the continents, people she met opened their homes and made her feel welcome. Wherever she went, she found the same warmth and hospitality shown by complete strangers. She eventually arrived in Nepal and settled in Kathmandu. She spent most of her time watching artisans making filigree jewellery and this is where Andrea’s passion for jewellery came to life. In 2007 the Chrysalis concept was born; to create beautiful jewellery that means something special to the wearer. Chrysalis bangles are designed to be stacked, allowing the creation of personal collections full of memories, love and inspiration.

Oceania Collection

A childhood memory, a recent holiday or a fun day trip; the ocean holds stories that are close to the hearts of everyone; children and adults alike playing in the warm sunshine by the water. What better way to keep those precious memories close to your heart than with the Oceania collection.

This collection is available in 14 kt gold & rhodium plate