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Canadian Penny Jewellery - Long Necklace 2012 Moss Agate - Jewellery - The Cuckoo's Nest

The Cuckoo's Nest

Canadian Penny Jewellery - Long Necklace 2012 Moss Agate

$63.99 CAD

  Made in Ontario

The Canadian Penny was an underappreciated and much maligned piece of Canadian currency, but not anymore! Since production ceased in 2012,the penny has gained value (not hard there) and prestige as a celebration of Canadian history. You can now wear a beautiful piece of that history with this unique line of Canadian Copper Penny Jewellery. Any pieces can be ordered with 2012 pennies (the last year of production), 1967 (Canada's Centennial year) which features Canadian Artist, Alex Colville's Peace Dove or choose a year or years that are of significance to you!

Create A Special & Meaningful Piece of Penny Jewellery Celebrating The Special Years Of Life <3 To create a special custom piece, enter the year(s) you would like in the "Special Instructions" section on the "Cart" Screen. Custom pieces ship approximately  2 weeks from the order being placed.

All pieces are made from raw copper and copper plated chains. Pennies are clear coated to ensure no tarnishing occurs. All pieces are nickel and lead free.

This piece is an elegant design, with a 2012 Canadian penny wrapped in swirls of 12 gauge copper wire, with a dark green moss agate stone at the bottom. The entire pendant length comes out to nearly 3.5 inches long, and it is hung on a 34 inch fancy chain with a clasp at each end, allowing the necklace to be worn long or short (at 17 inches).

Please note that for special orders there are additional fees for early vintage pennies as follows:  1960's $1/Penny      1967 $2/Penny       1950's $2/Penny       1940's $4/Penny       1930's $8/Penny

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