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Canada by Mike Myers - Book - The Cuckoo's Nest

The Cuckoo's Nest

Canada by Mike Myers

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Mike Myers, the man behind some of the most memorable comic characters of our time, has often made winking allusions to Canada in his outrageously accomplished body of work - but now he turns the spotlight on full beam. 

Canada is Mike Myers's insightful, frequently hilarious, and wholly subjective analysis of what makes Canada Canada, Canadians Canadians, and what being Canadian has always meant to him. It is both a memoir of a Canadian at home and abroad, and a wildly autobiographical investigation of a nation.

A true patriot who happens to be an expatriate, Myers is in a unique position to explain Canada from within and without. His literary debut brings his love of Canada to the fore at a time when the country is once again looking ahead with hope and national pride.   

Dimensions: 24 cm H x 19 cm L x 2.5 cm W 

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