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Canadian Parliament Buildings Model

The Cuckoo's Nest

Canadian Parliament Buildings Paper Model

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  Printed in Canada

Build your own paper model of the Centre Block of Canada’s Parliament Buildings. This 12-page paperback book contains instructions and cut-outs to construct a full colour scale model that includes the front section of the Centre Block and the Peace Tower. Create a paper model that can be completed in approximately 40-50 hours of construction time and requires only scissors, scoring knife and glue. Building this model has great educational value for students and adults, and results in a very impressive display piece!

The Canadian Parliament Buildings are one of the world's most important examples of the Modern Gothic Revival style of architecture. The Centre Block houses the House of Commons and Senate chambers and is fronted by the iconic Peace Tower. The original Parliament Buildings were built between 1859 and 1866, however the Centre Block was re-built and completed in 1922 after a devastating fire destroyed the original building in 1916. The Peace Tower was added later in 1927.

• Approximate model dimensions:
       60cm W x 40cm H x 17cm D (23.5” x 15.75” x 6.75”)
• Suitable for ages 12 to adult
• Bilingual (English and French) instructions 

Authors: Robert Froom and Anthony Leaning
Publisher: General Publishing (1984)
ISBN: 0773611347

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