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The Art of Giving

Here are some tips and advice on how to hatch the perfect gift for that special someone in your life. Learn the art of giving and you will learn to enjoy choosing and giving gifts that your friends and family will cherish.

1.  Know Your Recipient!

The first rule for any gift giving is “Know your recipient.” Pay attention to what they enjoy. What are their hobbies, favourite colours, sports teams? Are they collectors? What they will love is not necessarily something that you love. For example, just because you hate plaid doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy the plaid purse your mother has been eyeing. Your mother will love that you paid attention to her desires and went out of your way to find a gift you know she wanted. Oh, and by the way, she knows you hate plaid and the fact that you bought it for her will make it even more special!

2.  Express Your Relationship!

    You have an opportunity to add elements of your personality through your unique sense of humour or sentiments. Then consider the characteristics of your recipient. Is your loved one contemplative, outspoken, funny? Do they enjoy a good laugh or a quiet chat? Now combine the two, just like your two personalities combine. The outcome will be meaningful to both of you and help deepen your relationship.

    3.  Give Something They Would Not Buy For Themselves!

      There is nothing more satisfying than receiving a gift of pure luxury, excess and indulgence. For those next gifts get them something they would not think of buying for themselves!

      4.  Take Notes!

        If someone mentions in passing “Oh, I would love that” or “Isn’t that gorgeous!” make a mental note then jot down later the gift and store, before you forget… because you will! When it comes time to purchase a gift, you will have a list of gifts the recipient really wants and will be amazed that you remembered. Better yet, go back to the store the next day and purchase the item for future use.

        5.  If It’s Perfect, Buy It Now!

          How often have we seen “the perfect gift for…” and then walked away, planning to come back and get it later. When an event arrives and we think about that perfect gift, we can’t remember what it was, or where it was, or worse - we can but it’s gone! If it is the perfect gift, buy it when you see it!

          6.  Celebrate The Little Things!

            Surprise people with an unexpected gift. Don’t just give gifts for standard occasions (birthdays, weddings, holidays), celebrate events that would otherwise go unnoticed. Share a friend’s excitement over a new house or pet. Congratulate a friend on their promotion, or a personal accomplishment. Such small gestures can have an enormous impact on a relationship, showing that you take notice of things that are important to other people with no expectation of reciprocity.

            7.  Be Careful With Personal Gifts!

              Gift giving can be very personal, so be mindful of the circumstances when giving. This applies to the recipient and those enjoying the opening of the gift. For example, giving sexy lingerie to a friend when the parents are present could make for an awkward moment. Pick the appropriate moment to give your personal gift.

              8.  Presentation!

                How you present your gift is as important as what is inside. A beautiful gift presented with loving care will leave a lasting impression. Make the extra effort to have your gift look as beautiful as the sentiment that inspired it.

                9.  Include A Personal Note!

                  Include a thoughtful note to express why you felt the gift would be perfect for them. A few carefully chosen words of love, support and care will strengthen the connection between you and your loved one. 

                  10.  Give Your Gift On Time!

                    No matter how amazing your gift is, if it is received late it will lose its impact. Remembering someone on their special day will remain in their heart for a lifetime. If you set aside one day per month to plan for upcoming important dates, you will ensure they are not forgotten.

                    11.  The Joy Of Giving!

                      Gift giving should be joyful, fun and from your heart. If you think of the gift purchase as a necessity it automatically becomes a negative experience, a chore. When you give a gift, give it to express your feelings to that special someone. Put joy into your next gift purchase!


                      We hope our tips helped you. Questions? Our Head Chick Valerie can answer any gift-giving question you may have.