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The World of Lampe Berger Paris

Lampe Berger


The History

Lampe Berger is the oldest and most effective way to remove bacteria and odours from the air you breathe. The original Lampe Berger lamp was designed in France in 1898 by pharmaceutical dispenser, Maurice Berger, for use in hospitals as a way of removing air-borne bacteria and combating sepsis.



How Does It Work

Air freshener, sprays and candles just cover up odours and also emit harmful chemicals and toxins into the air that are inhaled. Lampe Berger is an alcohol based fragrance that burns clean and does not emit any harmful toxins or chemicals. The patented catalytic burner draws air through the heated stone and removes odours and bacteria while releasing the fragrance that is in the lamp.



The Lamps

Since its’ creation, Lampe Berger’s designers have created thousands of stunning lamps. Many of which are now valuable collector pieces.  The modern Lampe Berger lamp collection is made up of over 100 different lamps, from the simple to the delicately intricate, to ensure that you will find a lamp that is perfect for both your individuality and that of your home décor. Every lamp requires at least 18 months of development using only the finest materials to ensure decades of seamless use. The Special Edition Collection lamps are designed by some of the world’s greatest contemporary designers, each signed by the designer.



The Fragrances 

Lampe Berger carefully develops all of their fragrances in their French perfumery. Each one of their many fragrances is painstakingly created to provide fragrances that create a wonderful sensory experience. The more than 60 different fragrances are divided into 7 “Fragrance Families”

  • The Fruits
  • The Florals
  • The Fresh
  • The Sweet
  • The Orientals
  • The Pure
  • The Functional

Every fragrance is designed by one of Lampe Berger’s French Master Perfumers. Using inspiration found in nature, the Master Perfumers highlight warm notes, fresh florals and exotic scents to create the perfect sensory atmosphere in your home. All fragrances are created with scent layers. The diagram below of Forest Mist’s layers shows how the fragrance will begin with the zesty notes of lemon and grapefruit, followed by the addition of a slightly spicy floral freesia and coriander scent which is followed up with soft woody notes of sandalwood, cedar and vanilla. The total sensory experience is one of a soft refreshing and yet earthly mist of in a cool evergreen forest

Each family shares general similarities in the fragrance, so if you like one fragrance in a family you will probably enjoy others in that family. The Cuckoo’s Nest has fragrance samples of every Lampe Berger fragrance so that you can get a true sense of the fragrance before you buy.



At The Cuckoo’s Nest, we are experts in every aspect of Lampe Berger’s amazing products. We would be pleased to answer any question that you may have and would be happy to suggest fragrances based on your preferences and the atmosphere that you would like to create. Here’s how to contact us!


The Cuckoo’s Nest

291 Richmond Road, Ottawa, K1Z 6X2

613 729-NEST (6378)



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  • Diane Rennehan on

    I just purchased my first Lampe Berger. It is fantastic, the scents a so nice and I love what it does to my apartment getting rid of odors and cleaning the air. I plan to buy another soon.

  • Karla on

    The first time I heard of Lampe Bergers was searching for help with the smell from having our hard wood floors stained with Glitsa. I saw a chat on Houzz talking about these lampe’s so we bought one today. Wanted to know what you thought of these comments as they swear by the lampe eliminating the odor but they use it for longer than two minutes (one hour and another used it for 20 minutes):

    I just put poly in my mudroom – 5 doors, an entryway and a picture window. I ran the lampe berger for an hour and the next morning, there is NO SMELL. I’m still amazed at this lamp!

    WE HAVE 2 BERGER LAMPS that I’d forgotten about until I read jem199’s comments. After 2 days of poly, the downstairs rooms (with new floors) still have odor (even with powerful fans) so I put the 2 lamps down there & shut off the fans. WIthin 20 mins the poly smell was gone. You can’t leave these lamps burning all day, so we did 20 mins and will do it again later, if needed.

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