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Solmate Socks - Socially & Environmentally Conscious

A wonderful Vermont company, Solmate Socks makes the most amazing socks for obvious and some not so obvious reasons. Let's start with the obvious ones. These socks are made from soft cuddly cotton and are sized so they give a perfect and amazingly comfortable fit. The colour combinations of each sock are funky and bright but each is different so it's like wearing a party on your feet! They are made with care in the USA and not mass produced overseas. But there's more, so much more!

Solmate Socks collects the remnants from American t-shirt factories that would normally go to into a landfill, grinds them down to basic material and re-spins that material into their own yarn which is certified recycled by the Global Recycling Standard and Oeko-Tex. This type of certification requires that the materials are free from harmful substances, made with respect for the environment and respect for human rights. .

Solmate Socks adheres to a “zero waste policy” and every year diverts over 6,000 pounds of scraps from landfills, instead donating them to such organizations as Endless Possibilities, an organization in North Carolina where volunteer and student weavers create hand-woven mats. All proceeds from the sale of these mats go to aid domestic and sexual violence survivor services and programs.

Solmate Socks also offers carbon offsets for purchase on all shipping. Annually, they match every carbon offset purchase dollar to purchase offsets via Native Energy, a Vermont based organization that helps promote renewable energy, methane abatement and fuel efficiency projects around the globe.

So when you pull on a pair of Solmate Socks you will have not only a smile on your face, but a smile in your heart <3

Solmate Socks - Because Life Is Too Short For Matching Socks!!

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