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Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Every Christmas in our house when it's time to put up the tree, we all gather (once Mom has the tree up and the lights on!) to trim the tree as a family. Everyone has their own favorite ornament that must go on the front of the tree and as we hang them, the special meaning that every ornament has to each of us is apparent. It is a time to reflect on the year that has passed and how our family has grown and changed. When we unpack our collection of personalized ornaments, everyone gathers around to remember each year and the memories that they have. The addition of a family member to an ornament brings especially fun and memorable stories, laughter and fun! 

Celebrate family with a customized ornament that will create special memories every year as it is hung on the tree! The joy of a new relationship, marriage, new baby or any of life's special moment will be re-lived for many years to come.

We can customize one of the many styles of our Canadian made polymer clay ornaments that are artfully created by Gananoque artist Daria Turner with names (real or nicknames), dates or special messages to make each ornament special.  Fly by The Nest and have your ornament customized while you wait! Not able to get to the boutique - no problem - you can order online!

Our family has changed and grown over the years and will continue to do so. You never know, there may even be grandchildren and new ornaments will be joyfully added to our collection <3

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